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The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

~ Rumi ~

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Enlightenment Online is pleased to share a brand new series of teleclass recordings hosted by the faculty of A Society of Souls. Please visit our podcast page for the latest recordings.  You will also be able to sign up if you would like to participate in these free - open to all - events by visiting our events page. 

 Please visit our GEMS and AMULETS page to hear Master Astrologer Elizabeth Hermon's MARCH forecast. Click HERE to listen.  

We are now featuring Jason Shulman's Tiferet Radio interview, originally broadcast on January 9, 2012.  This interview can be found on Jason's Blog.  Please click HERE to listen.      

Based on a passage from the book Awakening Osiris by Normani Ellis, Jinen Jason Shulman describes the mythological space beyond the reality of our small, personal self. Please click HERE to watch his latest teaching video: Charming Osiris.

Please click HERE to read Jason's latest blog post.

Enlightenment Online is extremely pleased to introduce Jason's Blog, an unscripted virtual space where Jason can share his personal thoughts, perspectives, and spontaneous musings. Please click HERE to experience.

Enlightenment Online is now featuring couples advice from a spiritual perspective with expert therapist and spiritual teacher Jeff Ellias-Frankel. Please click HERE to read.

Click HERE to experience Jason Shulman’s latest teaching video “The Difference Project.”

The final teleclass in the recent series taught by Jinen Brenda Blessings, "The Gift and Challenges of Being Separate," is now posted on our Podcast page. Please click HERE to listen and download.

Brenda Blessings’ second teleclass, An Open Heart, is now posted on our Podcast page. Please click HERE to listen and download.

Has your zodiac sign changed? Please click HERE to listen to Master Astrologer Elizabeth Hermon explain the recent reports regarding the thirteenth zodiac sign.

We are pleased to be featuring the podcast of a recent teleclass held by Jinen Brenda Blessings.  Please click HERE to listen, and also, to download "The Mystery of How to Be with God: A Spiritual Podcast."

Enlightenment Online is pleased to be featuring an article from Living Now, Australia’s premier spiritual magazine. Please click HERE to read it.

Jason has created a wonderful new Blog! Check it out here, Jason’s Blog.

Jason has posted a new video lesson called Advice for Beginners, including translations in Arabic and Dutch. Click HERE to watch it.

Listen to one of Jason's songs that has never been released. Only HERE on Enlightenment Online.

Jason has posted a new video lesson called Enlightenment and Suffering: Part 2, a follow up to his previous discusion. Click HERE to watch.