How to Download a Podcast

You can download individual episodes of a podcast to your computer.

The way that you experience downloading will depend on your personal computer; which operating system and browser you are using; and the setup options you've selected.

So, although there may be slight differences in the way you can download, you should be able to do this by right clicking on the "Download" link (the arrow in the circle next to the text) and choosing "Save Target As...", "Save Link As...", or a similar option.

You should then be asked where to save the file on your computer. All episodes are mp3 audio files.

Advice for Mac Users

If you're having trouble downloading on a Mac the following advice may help:

Right Click
On a mouse that has two or more buttons click the link by pressing the right hand-side button [OS X 10]

Hold down the 'ctrl' key whilst pressing the mouse button on the link [OS X 10]

Click and hold
Click and hold the mousebutton down on the link until you get a menu of options [Mac OS 9 and earlier]