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Worldwide Community:

Part of our mission here at Enlightenment Online is to foster a worldwide community of serious seekers of freedom. More than following the latest fad, we hope to present resources to our members which will help people leave the world of spiritual entertainment and enter real gateways to change.

For this reason, we are extremely happy to have formed a friendship with Elizabeth Jewell Stephens and the staff of Living Now, Australia’s premier spiritual magazine. Living Now—which exists both as a print magazine and an online resource— ( articles by teachers and experts that offer commentary on some of life’s eternal problems and joys. We hope you enjoy this first contribution.

- Jinen Jason Shulman


Acknowledgement from Elizabeth:

The moment I came across Jinen Jason Shulman’s philosophies I was hooked. He has such a simple, direct and powerful way of clarifying the real meaning of life – and explaining that we can live in both a dual and non-dual existence – that he has changed my life.

My magazine exists to give people options to change their own lives through the written word, and so it is a real joy for me to have experienced that for myself through Jason’s words. I’ve been privileged to publish some of his writings in my magazine from time to time, and now it is an honour to have this online association with this wonderful website.

- Elizabeth Jewell Stephens


This month, we are pleased to feature “The Power of Story” by author, screenwriter and holistic coach Chip Richards. Please click HERE to read this article.

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