Kim Rosen

Who am I?



we can never be born enough. we are human beings; for whom birth is a supremely welcome mystery, the mystery of growing: the mystery which happens only and whenever we are faithful to ourselves. you and i wear the dangerous looseness of doom and find it becoming. life, for eternal us, is now; and now is much too busy being a little more than everything to seem anything…

ee cummings

We are lucky indeed to have had a poet like ee cummings who was forever faithful to himself and understood how to communicate the magic that occurs when we make the effort to be real.

In Kim Rosen’s hands, along with the music of Jami Sieber as performed by Julie Wolf, David Worm, Susu Pampanin, Michaelle Goerlitz and Jami Sieber, we have a teacher who is not teaching poetry by her inspired readings but life itself. Loose, alive, dynamic and slightly dangerous, Kim walks the edge where inspiration dwells. Listen and she’ll take you along.

Jason Shulman