Tell Them You'll Fly

Here is a song I came across the other day, recorded at Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, NYC, in 1970. Gil Roeder on bass, Artie Steinman on guitar, Billy Mintz on drums and Jason on recorder and vocals. This was a thrilling day: we were recording in Jimi Hendrix's studio and we felt like we were stars in the making. Of course, I took another path!

This Leaving World

Welcome Enlightenment Online Members and Guests! This is the first installment of my new blog. Here I will post my latest thoughts, informal videos, prayers, midnight ramblings, conversations with ghosts, things to consider, controversies, moments that catch my attention and the simple gratitudes and the beatitudes of simply being alive. I invite you to come here often, read, listen and leave a comment of your own.

Blessings to all,