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Sharing this link to a n interview published online today. In it I talk about my studies with Jason and how my work and the process reflects these learnings.


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Tim Freke in San Miguel

Just attended THE MYSTERY EXPERIENCE weekend with Tim Freke here in San Miguel de Allende Mexico. Delighted to discover, when he came to have dinner with us in our home the next evening, that he knows Jason and that they enjoyed meeting and connecting with each other. And then today to check in here again and find him on the Gems and Amulets link. For any of you who have the chance, I highly recommend checking him out.

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photography show ENCARNACIÓN

This work is strongly inspired by Jason's teachings and Form Anxiety meditations.

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Rumi's instructions for receiving GOD

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

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Such resonance here with how Jason teaches us to embrace and drop into reality. I swim in gratitude. Thank you Jason and Pema.

Excerpted from "Taking the Leap", by Pema Chodrön

A few years ago, I was overwhelmed by deep anxiety, a fundamental, intense anxiety with no storyline attached. I felt very vulnerable, very afraid and raw. While I sat and breathed with it, relaxed into it, stayed with it, the terror did not abate. It was unrelenting after many days, and I didn't know what to do.

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And Then You Are

I want to share this Hafiz poem xo Kate

And then You are like this:

A small bird decorated
With orange patches of light
Waving your wings near my window,

Encouraging me with all of existences's love --
To dance.

And then You are like this:

A cruel word that stabs me
From the mouth of a strange costume You wear;
A guise You had too long tricked me into thinking
Could be other -- than You.

And then You are...

The firmament
That spins at the end of a string in Your hand
That You offer to mine saying,
"Did you drop this -- surely
This is yours."

And then You are, O then You are:

The Beloved of every creature
Revealed with such grandeur -- bursting
From each cell in my body,
I kneel, I laugh,
I weep, I sing,
I sing.