I've just written this poem; the first for over 30 years - I just had a realisation of what happened to me in India when on a Yaatra with The Journey, visiting Sri Ramana's cave at Arunachala / Arunanchala nearly 5 years ago, and found myself writing.

It seems to want to share itself, so here it is:

Down the long sinuous path that led from the cave at Arunachala -
Where I had touched minds with the One appearing as another,
and emptied my lifestream of grief, poured upwards to an infinite Heart -
I encountered Beauty.
In your cave You had said “There is nothing to ‘get’ – you are This”,
and we bowed before the mirror image of Self.
And yet, on the long path down again I followed, dazed and transfixed, the ankle of a young girl,
a silver anklet caressing the glory of the form
that stepped so easily down, down; an elixir of infinite poise and grace;
a walk that could sustain forever
and I had no care where it took me.
You turned and saw

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Motherhood-- Fo' Real

I joke about good enough mothering and chide my friends for feeling guilty for letting their kids watch too much PBS Kids (gasp) or play one too many learning games on the computer (the horrors).

But there is something very real and vulnerable about that guilt. Wondering if I'm doing right by my two children, if they've eaten well, been active enough, slept enough, if they're polite and well behaved "good listeners". If (and when) others judge me for being too lenient or too controlling it hurts.

Do my kids know they're loved, even when I'm mean and cranky? Do they know I care even when I'm distracted and scattered? Do they know I want them to be themselves and develop their own thinking and passions, even when I chide them for not following the rules? Do they know they're wanted, even when I'm annoyed and irritated by their whining? The answer is: I don't know!

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Freedom from Bondage

Very often when we approach Family Constellation we work, we do so from a wounded place. Perhaps we did not receive the love and nurturance we needed, or perhaps there was even abuse that was verbal, physical or sexual. These can be very deep wounds that have a deep impact on how we live our lives and our current relationship, be that with partners, our children or friends.

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All The Souls

“What will happen to all the souls when the Earth is destroyed by the dying Sun?”
My son Eli and I were having one of our late night cuddles in his bed and his question, although strange, was not that surprising. Of late, Eli had been speaking of visitations by his grandpa who had died a quarter century before. When I asked Eli how he recognized my father whom I seldom spoke of, Eli responded: “It wasn’t really Grandpa Henry. It was his soul. He gave me magic slippers then he put all the colors of the rainbow into my heart.” I responded to Eli’s question before I thought much about it. “Don’t worry Eli. Souls are resourceful and the Universe is vast. If they really want to take form, surely the wise old souls will find a way.”

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My Work to Return

Let me suffer with kindness
Oh Great Mother !
Curving toward you with my aches and pains
Offering their release into the Universal container
So that I may be free to engage with life as it is

Let me stay with these restless, racing thoughts
Wanting to distract from what is here
May I lean against your tender heart
So that I may feel my own when I cannot tolerate
Occupying my own skin

I cry out to the heavens
With my guttural sounds
Vibrating deep
From within the belly of the world
Ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhhh.

A relentless ego pummels me with its urgency
An arsenal of threads inside and outside
I stand firmly rooted, placing them in front of me
So that I may feel my own true nature
In the quiet, she whispers : “I am all I got.”

Ecstatic breaths engage this revelation
In, Out-In, Out-In, Out
Heart opens into spacious skies
There is no judgment or irritation
Just God-cleaving truth.

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photography show ENCARNACIÓN

This work is strongly inspired by Jason's teachings and Form Anxiety meditations.

For best viewing click the VIEW button at the top left of the page and pick SLIDESHOWÓN

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Limited and Limitless

Every morning this week I have been working with the same passage from my teacher Jason's book "The Instruction Manual for Receiving God". It is about being limitless and connected to the world. The closing statement in the passage is the one that packs the punch: "All day long, whenever you have a decision to make, say to yourself: What would I do if I were completely openhearted and in love with God ?

I struggled first with embodying the words above in an authentic way. I kept feeling all the ways in which I am limited -- like how I contract and hold back and tighten. How sometimes I get really, really small. And want to quit. Or run away. Or disappear. If I'm really honest, once in a blue moon, I fantasize about exiting here for good when the going feels just too much and too tough and too tiring. It feels really good to give voice to these pieces of me.

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Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - taking their rightful place

I will soon be leading RH and YK services for the newly-formed spiritual community I lead. The practice of these holidays the past 1000 years or so has moved away from their rightful place. In Torah, RH is described as a time "to return," and YK is described as a time "to answer." This has been translated as "to afflict," and has led to the practices of self-denial, fasting, and so on. The practices of re-dedication grew out of a system of taxation that forced us to serve gods of the human domain. They have spawned good Yitzerotic work of taking account of ourselves, taking ownership of our deeds, committing to live more authentically, and so on. But more to the point, both of these holidays are minor moments in Torah.

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The Courage to Transform Fate into Destiny

When it comes to healing on any level, the most important quality or virtue is courage. In order not to re-live our personal, family, national or ethnic history we must have the courage to face our past, or indeed to examine what we are creating in the present.

Without courage, all other qualities we consider virtues, such as love, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, kindness, charity and understanding are only temporary states of being for none of them can exist in our world unless they are supported by courage. Likewise, courage does not exist unless fear is present. Fear of judgment, fear of exposure, the fear of being shamed and the fear of being undefended.

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Bringing the Orphans Home

At the All School Meeting a few weeks ago, Jason spoke about enlightenment as not freedom from (our ego, our humanity) but freedom with. He said this freedom comes from walking at the same pace as our neurosis. In his most recent teaching video, Jason instructed that we can’t reach enlightenment by cutting away parts of ourselves. Rather, to be whole, we need to welcome the orphans back home.