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The Teachings of Jinen Jason Shulman

What is enlightenment? Why do we need it? Is it the same as being with God and/or having God within your own soul? Is it a psychological state of being? An experience? Do I need to become religious to find it? Do I need to transcend my ego or practice austerities? Does it allow me to conquer all of my fears? Am I a good enough person to become awakened, or to find myself in the presence of God?

The teachings of Jinen Jason Shulman allow us to approach answers to all of these questions in a revolutionary way. Engaging these important questions from the perspectives of Buddhism, Kabbalah, depth psychology and scientific curiosity, Enlightenment Online is the only place on the web where Jason makes his teachings—and the teachings of other important thinkers, artists, poets and teachers available—completely free of charge.

It is a place where an ever-growing international community of seekers meet to discuss, learn, and grow. It includes podcasts, monthly spiritual astrological readings, columns offering spiritual advice on spiritual couples therapy, and other avenues for personal growth (based on the teachings of Jinen Jason Shulman.) Enlightenment is an on-going, never-ending excursion into the truth of our being and the meaning of our lives. There is no more vital time—for ourselves and our planet—than now to begin this achievable quest.

We welcome you to the journey.

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